A.D.M. Business Financial & Tax Services 

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Serving  the Entire Bay area, California
Income Taxes
Business Bookkeeping
Payroll Services
Sales , SG ,& USTF Taxes
50 States Corporation Setup
Accounts Recivable
Accounts Payable Business Taxes

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Delivering outsource business management by integrating
Income tax, Business Financial , Commerce Payroll , Accounts receivable ,
Accounts Payable  services, and Audit consultation.

Marin , Sonoma, San Francisco
San Jose, San Mateo,Palo Alto 

Retail & Corporate  Services
Medical , Dental  , Restaurants , Supermarket, Contractors, Gasoline , Truckstop , & more.

Audit & Review   for
Income tax Audit  ,Payroll
Audit ,
Board of Equalization
Audit, & Workers Compansation Audit
Registered Tax Preparer- CTEC "

ADM Systems is designed to assist you in analyzing and planning your income so that  you pay only the tax  you owe and not a penny more.

The United States tax code is very complex and doing it alone without professional help can often result in disastrous consequences. When interfacing with the IRS, a skilled company  is your best option. It is very important to find a  specialist who knows all the aspects of the law so you don't miss any important details that can mean thousands of dollars. For those who owe money to the IRS, the offer in compromise program is the most widely used mechanism for a taxpayer to pay their delinquent taxes for less than the IRS claims they owed. For those trying to reduce their taxes and avoid audits, a tax specialist is a necessity. Without professional help, many people pay more than they should.
229 W. End Ave.
San Rafael, California 94901

Mano Fonooni ( President )


*  ADM Systems is not affiliated with CBA .